DUI Expert Witnesses

Expert testimony is admissible at trial whenever it will help the jury to understand an issue in your case. The assistance of an expert witness, in some DUI trials, could make the difference between a guilty verdict and an acquittal.

An expert witness’s analysis or report may also help your prosecutor to decide to dismiss your charges in the right case – for example, if we are able to demonstrate that the breathalyzer was malfunctioning or that there is a valid reason why things were not as they appeared to the officer, we may be able to avoid a trial altogether.

How Can an Expert Witness Help in a SC DUI Case?

In your DUI case, an expert may be able to help us prepare your defense and testify in the areas of:

  • Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) and whether they were performed correctly by the officer;

  • The effect of any medical condition or physical limitations on SFST results;

  • Whether the breathalyzer (Datamaster) machine was operating correctly;

  • The effect of a medical condition or medication on the breathalyzer result; or

  • Any subject that is not within the common knowledge of a jury and that will assist the jury in understanding an issue in your case.

When do I Need an Expert Witness for My SC DUI Case?

We do not use expert witnesses in every DUI case, but when there is a possibility that an expert could help in presenting your defense, we will let you know what we need, how it will help, and we will locate the right experts for your case.

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