Experts & Investigators

In some types of cases, it is essential that you retain an expert to assist in preparation of your case. In DUI defense, we regularly use experts to assist in evaluating and analyzing your case. The inner workings of the breathalyzer and the effects of medical conditions or medications on the breath test result are matters where an expert witness can be of invaluable assistance in preparing your defense. In a murder case, an expert may assist in analyzing the State's ballistics results, gun shot residue, DNA, footwear impressions, or autopsy results.  In a CSC or criminal sexual conduct case, an expert can explain the results of the rape trauma kit.

Experts may help to explain to a jury why an innocent person would confess to a crime they did not commit when that person is interrogated in a certain way. An expert can explain to a jury why cross-racial identifications are often unreliable. Experts are often used to conduct forensic psychiatric evaluations, to determine competency to stand trial or criminal responsibility at the time of the offense. Any issue that arises in your case that is technical, medical, or otherwise not within the common knowledge of a jury can be explained by an expert in that field.

We have a private investigator on staff at the Thompson Defense Firm to assist in investigating criminal cases.  We may call on other private investigators as well, depending on the particular needs of your case. Investigators can locate difficult to find witnesses or reconstruct the State's investigation. The use of the proper experts or investigators in your defense can result in a dismissal of your case before trial, or it could make the difference between a guilty verdict and a not guilty verdict at trial. When there is a possibility that an expert witness or an investigator can assist in your defense, I will advise you as to how they can help, and assist you in retaining the right one for your case if you choose to use one.