Out of State Drivers

South Carolina reports speeding and other traffic offense convictions to your home state. The effect of your speeding ticket on your license in your home state will depend on how fast you were going, the number of points assessed, your driving record, and which state you are licensed in. As your traffic violation attorney, I will determine the possible impact of your ticket on your out of state license and how to avoid or minimize any negative effects.

For example, if you are a North Carolina resident, your license could be suspended for thirty days as a result of a four point violation under some circumstances. However, obtaining a reduction in points or a re-write of the ticket to a no-point violation could result in your South Carolina ticket having no effect on your North Carolina license. The effect of a South Carolina speeding ticket on your license will be different from state to state and depending on the facts of your case.

In most cases, there is no need to return to the area once you have retained a speeding ticket lawyer. I will appear in court for you and keep you informed at each stage of the proceedings. Call our Myrtle Beach office at 843-444-6122 or contact us online for a free consultation.