Possession of Stolen Vehicle

Possession of a stolen vehicle is similar to other possession type crimes. It requires that you had control over the vehicle (i.e. you were driving it), but it also requires that you had knowledge that the vehicle was stolen. When the police find you in or near a vehicle that has been reported as stolen, they may be likely to arrest first and ask questions later. This charge is also similar to other property crimes in that the sentence is determined by the value of the vehicle. A charge of receiving or possession of stolen vehicle greater than $10,000.00 carries a potential sentence of ten years in prison. If the police had any evidence that you had stolen the vehicle, you could instead be charged with grand larceny, which carries the same potential penalties.

Depending on the facts of your case, there is some discretion in charging and sentencing in these types of cases. For example, if you borrowed a car or other vehicle without permission you could be charged with "use of vehicle without permission." This charge is a misdemeanor which carries up to three years, unless the intent to deprive the owner of use of the vehicle was temporary and the taking of the vehicle was not connected to any other crime, in which case it is reduced to a maximum sentence of one year.

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