Traffic Offenses

I got a ticket in SC, what do I do now?

Getting a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket can be stressful, frustrating, and can leave you confused about how to avoid negative consequences to your license, insurance, and wallet.

The Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm regularly handles traffic tickets for our clients, and we’ve been helping our clients with traffic violations for years. We know the courts, traffic laws, local procedures, how to negotiate with officers and courts, and how to try a traffic ticket if we don’t get the result we are looking for.

What are the Penalties for Traffic Tickets in SC?

The potential consequences for traffic violations in SC can include:

  • Fines;
  • Points on your license;
  • Increased insurance premiums;
  • License suspension; and even
  • Jail time for some violations.

When you are charged with a traffic violation, it pays to have an experienced criminal defense attorney handle your case.

Traffic Ticket in SC?

At the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm, we handle all traffic offenses, including speeding tickets, DUS (driving under suspension), DUI (drunk driving), reckless driving, and careless operation.

We understand the special considerations that are involved if you are licensed in another state, such as North Carolina, but receive a ticket in South Carolina. More information on SC traffic tickets and what we do for our clients can be found on our website:

How do I Fight a Traffic Ticket in SC?

First, call the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm. We don’t “dabble” in criminal defense or traffic violations - it is all we do, all day long.  

Many of our traffic ticket clients live out of state, and do not have to return for their court dates.

In most traffic cases, the first thing that we do is request a jury trial. Once we have requested a jury trial, you do not have to appear on the initial court date that is written on your ticket (this was a “bench trial” date where the officer and the court expect you to plead guilty).

Your case is moved to the “jury trial roster,” and the next court date will be what is called a roster meeting or pretrial conference. At the roster meeting, we will set a trial date if your ticket has not already been resolved – most cases are resolved either at the roster meeting or on the morning of the “trial date.”

In many cases, we can get your ticket dismissed, reduced, or rewritten to an offense that will not affect your license or that minimizes the effects on your license. In other cases, we intend to try the case if it is not dismissed – the goal and desired outcome will depend on the circumstances of the traffic stop, the type of violation, and the potential effect on your license.

SC Traffic Ticket Attorney in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, and Lexington

Lacey Thompson accepts only criminal cases including SC traffic violations, and routinely handles traffic offenses for her clients in SC’s magistrate and municipal courts.

If you were written a ticket in the Myrtle Beach, Lexington, or Columbia, SC, areas, call the Thompson & Hiller Defense Firm now at 843-444-6122 or contact us online for a free consultation.