Violent Crimes

What is a “violent crime” in South Carolina?

The phrase "violent crime" can mean different things, depending on the context. Violent crimes are those cases where one person uses violence or the threat of violence against another person, including murder or homicide, manslaughter, armed robbery, and assaults of all kinds. Violent crimes often carry the harshest penalties and are pursued the most aggressively by law enforcement and prosecutors.

Most offenses that are considered violent crimes have a victim (or alleged victim) and are in General Sessions Court. Many are also 85%, no-parole offenses that carry lengthy prison sentences and mandatory minimum sentences.

In South Carolina, "Violent crime" is also a legal phrase used to describe a particular classification of crimes under SC law, and you can find information about this here: Statutory violent crimes.

You can also find information on SC violent crimes on our website:

SC Violent Crimes Defense Attorney in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, and Lexington

If you have been charged with a violent crime in South Carolina, you need to get an experienced SC criminal defense lawyer on your side immediately – the police and your prosecutor are investigating your case, preparing your case for trial, and may push hard for a conviction because there is an alleged victim.

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